Two Months since the Inception

July 1, 2012 at 07:59

We are happy to greet all of our readers, car owners, fans of the auto-world news and other.

Vipzonet driving news

Vipzonet driving news

It’s been already two months of the Vipzonet A.N. life and we’ve got some good news for you!

We’ve launched additional web-page for the BMW marquee and four additional, very interesting and quite promising auto-platforms:
auto-tuning news and updates platform
concept cars and prototype vehicles
cars rankings and top lists
as well as the cars’-fight platform.

So all in all there are now 20 automobile web-pages in the Vipzonet Network. We are happy to present you all of our work for that time and we are looking towards further development of the resource.

In June, 2012, we have reached the number of 1558 unique visitors, who looked through 4050 web-pages.
The most popular web-pages appeared to be the following ones:

  1. Lincoln Navigator 2008 – Driver Review
  2. New Renault Concept Car Revealed
  3. The tough BMW X5 SUV

Thank you for your involvement and support! We are here to provide you more information and more news about the auto marquees and everything that comes along.