Hot Auto News from the July Heat

August 6, 2012 at 20:16

As July is already over we decided to present you the most popular articles for that month.

Here are the top 4 for the new auto-platforms:

  1. Land Rover vs Audi Fight in Luxury SUVs
  2. Top 5 Fastest Cars for 2012
  3. New Futuristic BMW ZX-6 2015 Concept
  4. Innovative Toyota Prius Tuning Package

Top 9 articles for the car brands platforms:

  1. The legendary face-off Acura vs BMW X6
  2. New Aston Martin Engine Production
  3. Best Model of BMW X5 SUV
  4. The Most Powerful Dodge Durango 2012
  5. Three Great Jaguar Engines Introduced
  6. Elegant Lincoln Navigator 2008
  7. IndyCar Series 2012 and Lotus
  8. Glossy 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class
  9. New Futuristic Range Rover 2014 Prototypes

In addition, we decided to open a new category on these 9 platforms named “User Concepts“, which will present you the greatest expectations, opinions, thoughts, designer sketches, assumptions and guesses about new concept cars in the way, in which we would want to see them, with the characteristics, features and prices that we would expect and accept.

Vipzonet Concept

In the end of August we will sum up all the work done on the whole Vipzonet Automotive Network during the 2012 summer season.

Many thanks to all our readers and followers, all what we do, we do it for you, so don’t forget to comment and share with us your impressions and thoughts.