Past Autumn Car-Rush Review

November 30, 2012 at 20:20

We didn’t even realize like the autumn has already passed and it is the last day of November already. In majority of European countries it is expected to have a truly cold and snowy winter season. Therefore don’t be one of the late shoppers, be prepared beforehand and go and change to the winter tires and fill up the stock of antifreeze at your garage and get some additional scrapers and wipers for your car.

autumn road vipzonet

Our team has been working pretty hard to provide you with the latest news and give you the most interesting and fresh information. Therefore we are pleased to present to you some statistics for the past season: we have reached a total number of 120 subscribers! and all in all our articles were visited by 52,000 unique visitors who have reviewed a total number of 100,000 pages.

And as it already became our small tradition, let’s look at the most popular and most frequently read articles on our four general news web-portals:

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  3. Futuristic BMW ZX6 2015 Concept Car overview
  4. Astonishing Tuning for Powerful Bugatti Veyron

And also top articles from the branded web-sites:

  1. What a Used Acura Integra Can Bring?
  2. Astonishing Aston Martin One-77 for just $10,000
  3. High-fashion Executive BMW M3 Model
  4. Dodge Barracuda Returns in 2014
  5. More Power to Jaguar with Three New Engines
  6. Modern High-Class Vehicles Fighting: Lincoln vs Cadillac
  7. Learn More about Great Lotus Evora
  8. Stylish 2014 Mercedes-Benz 2014 Overview
  9. Design of new Range Rover 2012

That’s it for the end of autumn! Stay warm and updated with our daily news, and don’t forget to prepare yourselves and also your car for the winter season!