The Start of Winter Auto-Track

December 1, 2012 at 21:12

Let the winter bring you lots of joy and great auto news! We hope you didn’t forget to take out the scrabbles and brushes for your car, to get your best companion back on the track! As we are fully-armed with great posts and some updates for you!

december road vipzonet

We are very excited and happy to present to you our new creations! The exclusive and extraordinary nine brand-platforms were introduced with the beginning of the winter season be sure to make yourself familiar with them:
Audi – Fashionable German Technology
Ford – Driving you further!
The Power to Drive with Kia!
Mazda – most practicable fashion!
Opel – The car for life!
Toyota – driving quality to new limits!

On such great note we are going to let you enjoy all the spectacular auto-news that we are constantly updating for you! And don’t forget to get ready to the End of the World on 21st of December and a great 2013 New Year celebration with the Vipzonet Automotive Network!