Towards the Warmth of Spring on New Wheels

March 1, 2013 at 04:12

We would like to greet you on occasion of this first day of so long-awaited spring with our new update about our information platform Vipzonet and its very important project web-sites. The spring is already felt in the air, the sun is shining brighter and days are becoming longer, therefore more and more great news of automotive world await for us, as well as more releases on our fun web-pages.

Spring on New Wheels

Before the spring is not yet so strong, let’s quickly remember the winter with our small revision on the most popular and most stunning news that appeared during that time frame: Le Mans racings, double sales of hybrid models, new presentation of Dodge Dart, preparation for the greatest spring Motor Show with new concepts like Bugatti Gangloff, Nissan Resonance or Linkoln MKC; as well as problems of Opel on the production plants or the success of Toyota with new sales and of course new Mazda6 presentation.

From the beginning of the spring we also wait quite great news and events, especially the greatest automotive day, like 5th of March, the Geneva Motor Show, development of new Opel Adam model, presentation of further 2013 year models and the fight for the most green car of the year.

And for the end of the first day of spring let’s look at the most popular press releases of our wed-platforms:
Four Fun-web-sites:

Fifteen brand-web-platforms:

Stay warm and healthy, as the spring is coming with more great news and overviews on our platforms!